Fuel Saver 5000 (Atomizer)

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The Fuel Saver 5000 is a recent addition to the gas saving device market. Out testing, both in the US and in Canada, shows that this second generation device, which works with fuel injected and carbureted engines, consistently increases MPG between 20-40%. The Fuel Saver 5000 does NOT require any expensive Schrader Valve kits. Please have a look at our website, http://www.fuelsaver5000.com for more information.

Given the current state of the world economy and gas prices that will only go higher over time, we know that now is the time for an effective solution. We are working with the CA Air Resources Board and the Canadian government to get approvals, but as you might imagine, they are not really interested in these types of products being available, and it will take time. I suspect that Mobil gives them more money than we do.

I would like to stimulate some discussion about the Fuel Saver 5000 (and any other fuel saving devices that really work), to get the public informed from a grass roots level. This forum, with its involved and informed readers can really help. Thanks


Fuel Saver 5000 (Atomizer)

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Welcome to the board. The product looks interesting. Please check your PM. :)